Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia has been offering professional on-site mobile fleet cleaning for over 30 years. Call today to learn why we are the best power cleaning services company in the Richmond Area, and to set up a free on-site consultation!


Your vehicles are a traveling advertisement. A dirty fleet vehicle gives the public, fellow drivers, and your customers, a negative impression of your business.
Clean vehicles reflect more light, making them clearly more visible to other drivers. Clean windshields improve driver visibility. Motorists (and VDOT) perceive clean vehicles as being operated safely, and dirty vehicles as threatening.
Consistent professional cleaning of your fleet vehicles extends the life of your vehicles body parts and paint. Regular professional cleaning removes corrosive road dirt, films, salts, and oils that will deteriorate your vehicles exterior surfaces. Vehicles will last longer and bring higher returns when it’s time to replace them.
Professional mobile fleet cleaning allows for easier visual inspection of hydraulic, air and electrical components and lines. Drivers and mechanics notice problems quicker preventing costly downtime on the road. Mechanics are much more efficient when they have clean equipment to service.
Drivers with clean vehicles take more pride in their work and their vehicles. Studies show drivers with clean vehicles have significantly fewer incidents. Furthermore, clean vehicles have been proven to boost driver morale and provide a better overall company image.


Simply stated, Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia is the best power cleaning services provider in the area. Let us prove it! Call to schedule a free demonstration. We want your dirtiest fleet vehicle, and for free, we will show you what Evergreen Cleaning clean means!
Think you can clean your fleet vehicles in-house cheaper than having the professionals do it? Please consider…(1.) What you pay your drivers or cleaning personnel…(2.) How much time each vehicle takes to be cleaned…(3.) Overtime, management, headaches, and benefits…(4.) Equipment, chemical, and maintenance costs…(5.) And finally: the results. Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia is a much more cost effective way to clean your fleet vehicles, and will produce a guaranteed higher quality cleaning. Call for a list of fleet managers that can testify to the value we offer.
Unfortunately, so many “fleet washing companies” have done so much damage to the reputation of the industry. Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia has been cleaning some of the same fleet vehicles for the same companies for 20 years. We are not a fly-by-night, part-time truck washing company. When you want your fleet vehicles professionally cleaned, call Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia!
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia carries all the proper liability, auto, garage keepers and workman’s compensation insurance necessary to protect your company and vehicles. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request. Please ask our competition about their insurance coverage.
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia provides everything but water. And, in some cases we can provide that too. Your company will have no extra labor, overtime, chemical, environmental, or equipment costs. Furthermore, there will be no more headaches or stress associated with fleet cleaning again.
If your company wants to pay drivers to wait in long lines, for inconsistent truck cleaning, send them to the local stationary wash. We can easily produce better results for less money! Plus, we will not tie up your driver’s and equipment’s time by cleaning them during down times.
 Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia utilizes an environmental “Best Methods Practice” that complies with all federal, state, and local regulations. Please call for a site-specific environmental consultation.

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