Residential House Washing in Richmond, VA

Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia offers 100% satisfaction on all the following professional exterior house cleaning services:

House Washing

Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can safely clean and restore every exterior surface you may have on your home. Aluminum, vinyl, stucco, EIFS, hardiplank, masonite, painted wood, exposed wood, brick, and stone can be restored to its original beauty without the use of excess water pressure. We have the exterior house cleaning experience and the products to do the job right. Oxidation (fading), mildew, dirt, clay, pollution, streaks, stains, etc. don’t stand a chance against our superior methods, equipment, and cleaning agents. Furthermore, the outside of your gutters will be thoroughly scrubbed, leaving them looking like new.

Deck Cleaning
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can restore that dingy, green, and gray deck back to the clean natural wood. We clean your wood deck without damaging it with excess water pressure. SEvergreen Cleaning  cleans your entire deck including floors, railings, outside support posts, and steps. We even offer seal and stain stripping to remove buildup and inconsistent wear patterns. Visit our Decks & Wood Page to learn even more.
Deck Sealing
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can seal or stain your deck. Free on site evaluations are performed to insure we use the right product for the right circumstance. We use high quality sealers and stains that last about 2 to 3 years on horizontal (flat) surfaces, and 4 to 5 years on vertical ones. Horizontal surfaces get 2 coats of sealer insuring your wood deck gets all the sealer it can handle. All surrounding and adjacent surfaces are taped and covered to prevent any sealer or stain from getting on your siding and plants. Be sure to ask about our deck maintenance plan that can save you big money! Please visit our Decks & Wood Page for more info.
Roof Cleaning
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can safely remove those unsightly roof stains without the use of damaging bleach or water pressure. We use a proprietary roof cleaner that will not damage your shingles. We do not use soap and bleach, which can dry out your shingles and leave them brittle. Please ask our exterior house cleaning competition what products, and how much water pressure they would use on your roof. Also, we use very low pressure to obtain our immediate results, insuring your shingles are not harmed in the process. Every full roof cleaning job comes with a three year warranty. Please visit our Roof Cleaning Page to learn more about our guaranteed safe roof cleaning process.
Fence Cleaning & Sealing
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can restore that gray and green fence, making it look like new again. While fence cleaning is time and labor intensive, the results can truly be amazing. It is certainly cheaper than letting it go, and having to replace it prematurely. We can even apply a heavy coat of quality wood sealer to make your fence look better than new, and make it last a lifetime. Visit our Decks & Wood Page for info and pictures.
Gutter Cleaning
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can professionally clean, bag, and flush the inside of your gutters. We have the proper equipment, insurance, and roof training to clean your gutters properly. And, we never put ladders against your gutters. Ask about our multiple service discount that can save you money when we perform multiple exterior cleaning services on the same day. Please visit our Gutter Cleaning Page to learn more.
Driveway Cleaning & Sealing
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can clean and restore your concrete, paver, or aggregate driveway. We have specialized cleaners and equipment to take on tough oil, fuel, and soil stains. Your driveway will look as good as the day it was installed. After we clean it, we can then seal your driveway with a gloss or flat masonry sealer. We even perform minor driveway repairs such as crack filling. Please visit our Driveway Cleaning and Sealing Page to learn more.
Patio, Concrete & Sidewalk Cleaning
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can safely clean all the black and green from your concrete, stone, aggregate, brick, and block sidewalks, patios, and driveways. All flat surfaces will look like the day they were installed. In addition, we have a wide range of sealers, waterproofers, and stains that can make those surfaces look even better than new. We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with even the toughest stains created from oil, carbon, gum, foods, trees, pollution, red clay, rust, and efflorescence.
Masonry Restoration
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can restore older brick, block, tile, and stone to its original appearance. We can safely remove decades of soot, carbon, and pollution from all of your masonry surfaces. We have been properly restoring the exterior of Richmond’s historic homes for over 30 years. We can even remove paint and graffiti. Also, we can apply professional grade sealers and waterproofers to protect masonry surfaces for decades to come.
Artillery Fungus
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia knows artillery fungus. We have been warning homeowners of the danger of putting mulch against their houses for over 10 years. Artillery fungus can not be removed with conventional pressure washing techniques (as the water pressure required would do more damage than good). Evergreen Cleaning  of Central Virginia has developed a special removal process, but it must be performed by hand. So, artillery fungus removal is a time consuming and labor intensive service. Please call for more info and a free estimate.
Miscellaneous Cleaning
If it’s outside and it’s dirty, Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia can safely clean it. Utility buildings, garages, lawn furniture, screened porches, fences, etc. can all be cleaned with our extensive knowledge, products, and methods. Remember all our services are backed with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
Have a tough stain you think no one can doing anything about? Call Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia. We have years of experience in exterior house cleaning, and hundreds of products in our arsenal. And, with free on-site estimates, you have no reason not to call and see what we can do for you.
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House Washing in Richmond, VA

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