• Clean all your surfaces professionally, safely, and environmentally responsibly
  • Complete the job on time, weather and other conditions permitting
  • Work closely with job superintendents to coordinate all the work, and keep them informed
  • Provide Material Safety Data Sheets for all products used
  • Use proper cleaning agents and methods for each material of construction
  • Follow manufacturer’s specification for surface preparation and product application
  • Use only qualified, trained, and uniformed technicians
  • Work with your staff and superintendents to resolve any problems quickly, ensuring your total satisfaction
  • Work with your staff to assist with any information required to complete your bid
  • Perform any tests necessary to assure proper material and products are used
  • Make ourselves readily available for any communications
  • Respond promptly to all requests
  • Work closely with architects and material manufacturers as required


  • Minimize your cleaning time and costs
  • Be confident that the job is being done safely and professionally
  • Be assured no damage will occur to any surfaces being cleaned
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations
  • Have proper documentation on all products used in our cleaning processes
  • Be able to tear down scaffolding and move on to the next job promptly
  • Be completely satisfied with our results
Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia has the knowledge, experience, training, and technical support to insure you get the results you expect and much more with our professional post-construction cleaning services. Our trained, experienced staff and specialized equipment assure you get your money’s worth every time. We are completely licensed (VA Class A #2705 12675A, CIC and HIC Classifications) and fully insured, new masonry and post-construction cleaning services. If it’s outside and dirty, we can properly clean it!


Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia also applies professional grade brick, concrete, stone sealers and anti- graffiti coatings. Contact Us to discuss your needs, answer questions, and receive a free on-site estimate. Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia will be more than happy to perform free a demonstration so you can judge the results before you decide.


Evergreen Cleaning of Central Virginia is a full-time, year round professional cleaning company serving Central Virginia’s construction customers since 1976. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every service we perform. Rest assured, the job will get done right, or you will owe us nothing!

Call Evergreen Cleaning® of Central VA today for a free, no obligation, on-site estimate at 1-888-256-5038