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Evergreen Cleaning can clean all the exterior surfaces of an entire apartment complex. Imagine the buildings, sidewalks, roofs, parking lots, and privacy fences looking like new, for just a fraction of the cost of painting or replacement. Call for a list of apartment complexes Evergreen Cleaning has completely restored. Evergreen Cleaning, your commercial pressure washing experts


Evergreen Cleaning can completely restore your commercial building’s exterior surfaces without the need for painting. Whether it’s EIFS, brick, stucco, painted wood, siding, etc. we can safely clean and restore your building(s) to make it look new and attractive again. So, before you paint or refinish, consider giving us a call for a free, possibly money saving, cleaning consultation.


This is where your customers come into your business. It should be an example of everything you want to portray. You probably spend a lot of time making sure the inside of your establishment is in immaculate condition. Shouldn’t the exterior be as well? Customers see the outside of your business before they ever step a foot inside. Dirty and dingy storefronts can send the wrong message and deter potential business. Evergreen Cleaning  can provide a regular cleaning schedule to make the entrance of any business always look its best. We can also deal with the ever-annoying gum stains.


Do you have grey and green wood fences, roofs, shingles, siding, etc on your property? Let Evergreen Cleaning  wash away the years, with our patented wood cleaning process. Most people are completely amazed by how we can make old wood surfaces look like new again. So, save the money, and let us restore your wood versus replacing it. We even apply high grade sealers to keep it looking good for years to come. Visit our Wood Page to learn a lot more.


Evergreen Cleaning pressure washes sidewalks. We can make your sidewalks look new again. We can remove oil, gum, mildew, mold, etc. from all of your sidewalks. Dirty sidewalks don’t just look bad, they are a safety concern due to the increased slip factor caused by most surface contaminants. So, let Evergreen Cleaning  use our commercial pressure washing prowess to wash away the years of dirt and filth, making them safer and more attractive to your customers.


Have an ugly stained awning in front of your business? Evergreen Cleaning  can safely clean it and make it look like new. We understand the delicate nature of cleaning awnings, and have proprietary cleaning methods and products that can restore most awnings. We offer a regular maintenance program that keeps your awning(s) looking it’s best for years to come. Also, we can apply a quality awning sealer that will extend the life of your awning, dramatically.


Is your buildings roof looking streaked and unattractive? We use a proprietary roof cleaner and low – pressure techniques that will not damage your shingles. Soap and bleach are avoided, which can dry out your shingles and leave them brittle. We use a shingle shampoo that was specifically designed to clean asphalt shingles without the damaging effects of soap and bleach. Please ask our competition what products, and how much pressure, they would use on your roof. Visit our Roof Cleaning Page for lots more information.


Evergreen Cleaning pressure washes entire parking decks and parking garages. We can clean the entire structure including exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, floors, and ramps. From cleaning atmospheric pollution, to removing oil stains from the floor, to washing away general filth, we can make your parking structure look like new again. Call for free estimate and a free demonstration of our commercial pressure washing services.


Yes, we can remove most ugly stains from concrete and even asphalt parking lots. Evergreen Cleaning uses proprietary cleaning compounds that can naturally break down and consume nasty oil and food stains. Using naturally occurring enzymes, the need for environmentally damaging chemicals is eliminated. Parking lots, drive thru’s, parking decks, driveways, fuel depots, filling stations, etc. can all be cleaned without any negative environmental impact.


Do you have unsightly white (efflorescence) or black (mildew or carbon) stains on any of your exterior masonry? Evergreen Cleaning  can safely remove all stains from brick, block, and stone exterior surfaces. We can also apply masonry sealers and waterproofers to prevent most stains from returning. 


Evergreen Cleaning can safely remove graffiti from most surfaces. Obviously, the sooner the graffiti is removed the better. We can then apply anti- graffiti sealers to most surfaces, preventing any paint penetration from any further unfortunate incidents.


Do you have a nasty, greasy, and smelly dumpster area behind your business? Evergreen Cleaning  can have it cleaned up in no time. We safely clean wood fences, masonry walls, painted surfaces, and the concrete around them.


Have an exterior stain or blemish on any exterior surface you think no one can resolve? Give Evergreen Cleaning a call and see what 30+ years of experience and support from an International Franchise can deliver.


Have a fleet of company vehicles? Evergreen Cleaning  offers professional mobile fleet cleaning service. Visit our Transportation page to learn more.


With hundreds of local homes, buildings, and fleets cleaned, we don’t have one unhappy customer. We do the work right the first time, but if there’s a problem we resolve it. Our customers are always right!


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