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Our 40+ years of experience allows us to always guarantee all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Evergreen Cleaning is your best choice for your exterior home cleaning and restoration because….

Evergreen Cleaning has been in the exterior home cleaning and restoration business in the Richmond Area since 1976. A company doesn’t make it that long without treating their customers right. Our customers are always right! And, we have the referrals and customer testimonials to prove it. Ask our competitors how long they’ve been around (actually doing exterior cleaning work) and to see their customer referrals.

Evergreen Cleaning offers a 100% money back guarantee. No games and no excuses, if you’re not completely happy, and we can’t make you happy, you owe us nothing. There it is, in clear print. Not satisfied means not paying, and that’s the way it been for 30+ years. Please ask our competition for the same guarantee.

Evergreen Cleaning has a Class A Virginia Contractors License. Although, not officially required for most exterior residential cleaning, this license does set us apart from the competition. Additional education, over site, testing, and assets are required in order to hold this license. Be sure to ask our competitors what, where, and how they received any so-called “licensing.” Our Virginia Contractors License number is #2705126753. Please go to Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website to check the validity, classifications, expiration, and open complaints on our license.

Evergreen Cleaning is a member of an international franchise. Although locally owned and operated, our equipment and products did not come from the local hardware store. They were developed and perfected through a network of worldwide franchisees with unequaled experience and know – how. We are not a fly-by-night, part-time company.

Evergreen Cleaning is locally owned and operated. The owner, Chad Stambaugh, performs almost every estimate, and is still on a lot of the job sites. He is always readily available, assuring you get the best customer service imaginable.

Evergreen Cleaning has a $2,000,000 general liability insurance policy. You will receive a copy with your free on-site estimate that we perform. In addition, we have all the other insurance policies like commercial auto, workmen’s compensation, and even garage keepers that are required for any necessity. Be sure to ask our competitors about all their insurance coverages.

Evergreen Cleaning has the experience. We were the first full -time exterior cleaning and restoration company in the Central Virginia area, giving us over 30 years of cleaning expertise. If it’s outside, dirty, and can be cleaned, Evergreen Cleaning can properly clean it.

Evergreen Cleaning is professional. Our staff are courteous, prompt, uniformed, and trained cleaning specialists. When we make an appointment, we arrive at that appointment when expected. Furthermore, you will be able to easily identify who has arrived.

Evergreen Cleaning offers real value. We are not the cheap guys, but we are not offering a cheap, sloppy job. We have never cleaned a house in an hour, or even less. Thoroughness takes time. Our average exterior house cleaning takes 3-4 hours. We clean the outside of the gutters, the foundation, front porches, and front sidewalk in a basic house wash. Please consider what the cheap guys are really offering, and what kind of damage they could really do!

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Serving Metro Richmond and these surrounding counties: Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Goochland, and Powhatan.

Evergreen Cleaning
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