Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Roof Cleaning in Richmond, VA: The Risks of Neglecting Your Roof

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Roof Cleaning in Richmond, VA: The Risks of Neglecting Your Roof

Your property is a massive investment, and like most other large investments, it requires regular maintenance activities if you want it to look nice and last a long time. Here, roof cleaning is a critical part of your property maintenance schedule.  

After all, your roof is exposed to the elements 24/7. The sun’s harsh UV radiation will inevitably take a toll. Over the years, grit and grime will also mar the finish of your roof. Bird droppings, in particular, can be very harmful. They are acidic enough to destroy the beautiful external patina of your shingles and other parts of your roof. 

Finally, there are a host of organic parasites that, if left unchecked, will wreak havoc on your roof and severely compromise its longevity. Mold, for instance, can spread rapidly in the shady areas of your roof, while black algae spores are tough enough to survive even in adverse weather. Once they are on your roof, it’s only a matter of time before they cover it in ugly black blotches. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it. These parasites trap moisture and, in turn, attract even worse organic pollutants such as lichen, moss, and mildew. Apart from cracking and splitting your shingles, such contaminants also release their own allergy-causing spores directly into your home. 

If you don’t take care of this problem, it will only get worse as they expand their root network all over your roof. Eventually, you will be forced to spend a lot on repairs. Worst case scenario—you will have to replace your whole roof altogether! However, there is an easy way to avoid all this expense and hassle. 

Roof Washing Experts to the Rescue!

Your friendly neighborhood roof-cleaning experts would easily handle all of these issues. Once they are done, you will see a clear and perceptible difference as your mottled and blotchy roof will look ‘sparkling clean.’ 

Evergreen Cleaning roof-cleaning specialists usually check the roof and clean it accordingly. For example, if the layers of grit and grime are unusually thick, they will use their bespoke detergents to cut through the dirt. They will also use eco-friendly cleaning agents that are strong enough to get the job done without harming the environment. 

Our technicians understand that bleach and other abrasive chemicals can do more harm than good. In fact, many manufacturers consider their warranties null and void if their shingles are exposed to such strong abrasive chemicals.  

Our specialists also use potent herbicides to eliminate organic parasites and ensure they don’t return anytime soon. Finally, they will use high-quality sealers to lock in the original shine of your roof and protect it from both organic and inorganic pollution. 

A clean and well-protected roof will always increase the curb value of your property. If you are interested in roof cleaning in Richmond, VA, just get in touch with us. We will clean and restore your roof so it’s the best-looking one on the block.