Why Cleaning the Roof of Your Richmond, VA, Home Is Not a DIY Project

Why Cleaning the Roof of Your Richmond, VA, Home Is Not a DIY Project

Cleaning your roof is an exhaustive, time-consuming, and—above all else—highly technical task.

Simply running a garden hose over your roof won’t do much good. On the contrary, it might make matters worse since all that water can seep into the shingles and create waterlogging issues.

If you want to remove tough inorganic pollution including dirt, grit, and grime, you will have to use a potent scouring agent. One that will get the job done without destroying the protective upper layers of your shingles. You will also need powerful herbicides that can make short work of the black algae, bird droppings, moss, lichen, and mildew.

You will also need protective equipment, ladders, and a pressure washer. However, the most crucial element of a thorough pressure-washing job is the training and experience of the specialists. Here are a few reasons why you should always opt for the services of the experts at pressure washing in Richmond, VA.

They Have the Necessary Know-How

Every area of your house requires different machines and cleaning protocols. Hot water power washing, for instance, can work wonders with the oil and grease stains on your garage floor and driveway. The very high temperature would melt and dissolve even the most troublesome stains, while the high water pressure would wash them away. Very high-pressure settings are also an excellent way of cleaning porous concrete since the water mixture can reach deep down into the cracks and crannies of your concrete structures. 

However, using such machines is dangerous and requires protective clothing and equipment. The slightest mistake can cause grievous injuries.

Conversely, soft washing is the best way to clean the roof and protect its service life. The experts will bring the cleaning chemicals and the herbicides required to thoroughly clean your roof and remove all the organic and inorganic contamination. Until you know which chemicals to use, you might not be able to clean the roof properly or prevent a re-infestation.

They Are Trained for the Job

If you are not careful, you can slip and fall from your wet roof. Highly trained professionals, on the other hand, won’t be fazed by the height because they are trained and experienced in cleaning roofs and other hard-to-reach places.

Evergreen Cleaning is the proven expert at roof cleaning Richmond, VA. You can depend upon us to get the job done effectively, with minimum disruption to your everyday activities.