The Dangers of Power Washing Your Own Richmond, VA Home

The Dangers of Power Washing Your Own Richmond, VA Home

There are few things as dangerous as a power washer.  This has a lot to do with the fact that many power washers have the option of using extremely hot water to melt through the grease and grime found on concrete driveways and garages. 

A conventional pressure washer is also dangerous since it uses jets of water strong enough to cause injuries. Throw in high temperature and we can easily see that this combination is way too lethal for a ‘do-it-yourself’ project.

Apart from the danger of serious injuries, there are also a lot of other factors to take into consideration. For example, you will need to know the correct temperature and pressure settings for different parts of your property.

Power Washing: Not a DIY Job At All!

If you use very high-pressure settings to clean your shingles or your deck, you will end up causing more harm than good. Excessive water pressure can strip the protective upper layers of the shingles. This means that they will become easy prey for all kinds of airborne contamination such as mold, lichen, algae, moss, and fungus.

Much the same applies to your deck, door, and other outdoor structures. Wood and even composite decks are made of porous materials and they can become waterlogged very easily. Apart from leaving water strains and scouring away the polish and sealants, an improperly used pressure washer can leave your fixtures vulnerable to organic contamination.

Without being aware of the correct settings, you might blast away the paint from your walls, instead of cleaning them. These machines can actually crack your windows too!

You will also have to take into account the detergents and cleaning agents required to do the job. Bleach is a common cleaner used by many amateur power washing companies and homeowners. While it might get the job done for the time being, it will only make matters worse in the long run. 

Beach and other corrosive cleaners don’t just cut through the dirt and grime but also the sealers and the attractive finishes too. Not only will your external fixtures look dull and faded, but the organic contamination will also return with a vengeance.

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