Roof Cleaning Options: What to do when you spot staining on your Richmond roof

Roof Cleaning Options: What to do when you spot staining on your Richmond roof

The shingles of your roof become grimy and discolored over time unless you take good care of them. Sometimes, this is because they have reached the end of their service life, but this happens more often because of lack of adequate care and maintenance.

However, it is possible to restore your roof to its former glory by hiring a professional roof cleaning outfit. These people will wash away the long-accumulated dirt and grime from your home. Apart from that, they will also successfully remove all kinds of organic pollutants, bird droppings, and the like from your roof.

Why You Should Have Algae Stains Removed as Quickly as Possible?

Various highly invasive algae species are a constant threat to your home, especially in Central Virginia where the climatic conditions enable them to thrive easily. In fact, black algae spores are extremely tough and can survive for weeks until they find a shady spot on your roof. Once an algae or fungus infestation begins, it is not easy to remove. This is because these organisms are literally growing on your roof.

Moreover, they act as breeding grounds for even worse forms of organic contamination such as moss, lichen, mold, and mildew. Apart from creating ugly black stains all over your roof, algae tend to have water retention properties.

The more waterlogged the shingles, the more mold, and mildew start growing in their upper and inner layers. In time, their roots weaken the structure of the shingle and cause it to crack and break. If you don’t take care of this problem as soon as possible, it is quite likely that you will have to spend a lot on repairs or even the outright replacement of your entire roof!

However, there is a simple solution here. Get your roof cleaned at periodic intervals. Not only will it look great, but such cleaning will also significantly enhance its service life too.

Evergreen Cleaning are the proven experts at roof cleaning services. Unlike many amateur roof cleaning outfits out there, they have the equipment, ladders, and other resources to do a great job.

Furthermore, they know that high-powered pressure washing can make a bad situation much worse. This is because very high water pressure mixed with bleaching agents can easily strip away the external protective layers on your shingles. Once that happens, the organic contaminants will return faster than ever before.

This is why Sparkle wash’s highly trained roof cleaning specialists employ a combination of soft cleaning techniques with environmentally friendly detergents and fungal herbicides. Not only do they clean your roof gently yet thoroughly, but also ensure that any organic infestations don’t return anytime soon.

Just get in touch with them for all of your roof cleaning Richmond VA needs to increase the service life of your roof, and ultimately your entire home.