Spring Cleaning Alert: How a Clogged Gutter Can Cause Damage to Your Richmond, VA Home

Spring Cleaning Alert: How a Clogged Gutter Can Cause Damage to Your Richmond, VA Home

All gutters serve a crucial function. That is, they allow water to flow in a specific direction. When it rains, thousands of gallons of water come pouring down your roof and walls, and if all that water is not drained away safely, it might cause terrible damage.

This problem is compounded by winter as snow and ice, mixed with dirt and debris accumulate in and around your gutters. As the water drains away in spring, it leaves a lot of debris behind. If not cleaned in a timely manner, roaches, rats, lizards, spiders, and other vermin will make their home inside your gutters.  This will mean that your gutters won’t be able to function properly next time it rains.

Clogged Gutters: A Major Threat to the Structural Integrity of Your Precious Home!

If your gutters don’t work properly, the water will overflow and pool around the foundations. Not only will it lead to damp and submerged basements, but in time, it will threaten the very foundations of your home! 

Moreover, stagnant water on your roof will seep into the wood and the walls. This will lead to the structure rotting away both from the inside and outside. It will also attract all kinds of organic contaminants such as algae, lichen, mildew, and mold.

Algae spores, in particular, are always floating around in spring. Once they land in a moist place, it is only a matter of time before an infestation spreads all over your home. The trapped moisture will also weaken the structure of the shingles and other tiles on your property. You will have to spend a substantial amount on repairing all that water damage.

However, gutter cleaning experts can get the job done properly and safely. They will make sure that your gutters are always in excellent condition, and there will be no blockages in the smooth flow of the water down your drainpipes.

Evergreen Cleaning offers gutter cleaning services in Richmond, VA, and all of their highly trained personnel are fully insured. Cleaning gutters is a dangerous job since it involves climbing slippery roofs and shingles. There are all kinds of creepy crawlies living inside the gutters, and they really don’t like being disturbed. 

However, Evergreen Cleaning’s experts have the training and the experience to handle this tough job. They also have the equipment and the tools to get the work done effectively and quickly.  They are your very best bet for gutter cleaning in Richmond VA.  Just give them a call and see for yourself!