Why You Should Hire A Professional When Power Washing Your Richmond, VA Property

Why You Should Hire A Professional When Power Washing Your Richmond, VA Property

Power washing is a job best left to the skilled professionals who have been trained for it. It requires not just training alone, but both skill and experience along with the right equipment.

This is why power washing can never be considered a ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) project at all. The real pros will always be well-equipped with the tools of their trade, and would also know just what to do, and how to do it. They will deep clean your property in the shortest possible time and leave the place as neat and clean as the day it had been built.

Never Attempt a Pressure Washing Job on Your Own

Attempting such a job on your own can be very dangerous. For example, walking on wet tiles with a powerful hose in hand can lead to a bad fall. Apart from that, all surfaces require different pressure and temperature settings along with a diverse array of detergents and cleaning agents.

The shingles on your roof, for instance, will require a combination of soft washing techniques and eco-friendly herbicides. This way, they will remain safe from excessively high water pressure that might strip them of their protective layers. At the same time, any organic contaminants such as algae and mildew won’t grow back. However, not knowing the correct pressure or chemicals might lead to these organic growths returning with a vengeance. They thrive in moist environments and spread very quickly.

Simply running a hose on the roof might actually make matters worse! On the other hand, skilled pressure washing specialists will know all about the kinds of moss and algae that infest buildings in Richmond. At the same time, they know precisely which pressure settings are required to do the job. They will also pick the right cleaning agents and herbicides to restore your property to its original splendor.

Similarly, they will use hot pressure washing to clean your garage and concrete driveway of the years of accumulated grit and grime, not to mention grease and oil stains. Without the proper equipment and protective covering, you can get badly hurt if you attempt the task by yourself.

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