House Washing In Richmond, VA: Clean and Seal Your Wood and Composite Home Fixtures

House Washing In Richmond, VA: Clean and Seal Your Wood and Composite Home Fixtures

Wood and composite woof fixtures such as gazebos and decks can become faded and worn out with time. They are also easily affected by algae and other airborne microbes. These organic contaminants can make your wooden fixtures look black and ugly. If left to their own devices, different kinds of pollution and contaminants can destroy your wood-based fixtures, forcing you to buy expensive new ones. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way at all. Not when you can easily restore that green, dingy, and dull deck so that it regains its clean, fresh and one hundred percent natural look. Here, it is pertinent to note that cleaning a deck is a bit of a tricky job. Too much heat or pressure and it will become waterlogged and irreversibly damaged. Not enough pressure and the algae will survive to run riot.

Why Trust Evergreen Cleaning with Your Precious Home Fixtures?

Evergreen Cleaning has highly trained experts who have a lot of experience in cleaning and sealing composite and wood fixtures. They will methodically deep clean your wood deck without causing any damage due to excess water pressure or the usage of harsh and abrasive scouring agents. You can rest assured that they will clean the whole deck along with the railings, floors, outside support posts as well as the steps. No cutting corners at all!

Cleaning is only half the game. If the fixture is not sealed, it is only a matter of time before dirt, grime, and different kinds of fungi will ruin its look and finish all over again. However, high-quality sealants will protect your wooden deck along with other external fixtures from both organic and natural elements – provided they have been properly applied by experts. If done correctly, the cleaning and sealing process will also aid in enhancing the curb value of your home. 

 They also offer detailed stain stripping to restore your fixtures to their original pristine condition. This step requires the removal of buildup and any inconsistent wear patterns on your wood-based fixtures. Something that the good people at Evergreen Cleaning are very good at, and have been doing for a long time.

Evergreen Cleaning technicians are the proven experts at house washing in Richmond VA. Just get in touch with them to get your decks and other wooden fixtures fully restored in no time at all!